On Scale and Scaling

I believe that everything we see is always relative to something other than the object we examine. But very often we take this scalar relationship for granted, in a sense that we do not see the multidimensionality of this relationship.

I got a chance, before my public defense, to go hiking in Switzerland. With a company of a beautiful soul, my friend who speaks about apple and pear trees, about chestnut and berries, and who can communicate with goats, I stayed for a couple of nights in an old village called Indemini. This village is located at the border between Switzerland and Italy.

There, I contemplate about multiscalarity: of networks, of spatial-physical manifestation, of socio-political identity, of the nature.

We walked in between tiny alleys, made from old stones – meeting farmers who work hard fighting against the nature and the constructed nature. We went hiking accross woods, gigantic rocks, and green fields covered by grass and shrub… driving along the advanced network of concrete and asphalt…

I felt very small and weak, surrounded by the mountains – I felt so young walking around in the old village. Layers of materiality, formed in hundred years, made me think about the-modern-city-as-we-know-it. The city is young. And there are many rooms to define and redefine it, the urban culture that we want.

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