LaRose Cafe: a little oase between Ga Diêu Trì and tp. Quy Nhơn

If you travel from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhơn by train, you will stop at Ga Diêu Trì, around 12 km from the city center. You will have no other options but passing very busy streets with trucks and heavy vehicles, from Nhơn Phú and Nhơn Bình districts to Trần Hưng Đạo street before you enter the green city of Quy Nhơn.

Yes, Quy Nhơn is a coastal city with plenty spots of green space and surrounded by beautiful beaches. But, many areas in the outskirts are grey and rather unpleasant. We will see how it is in the future, as Nhơn Phú and Nhơn Bình have been prepared to be new eco-urban centers of Quy Nhon, despite some criticisms from scholars regarding the ‘eco’ jargon. Never mind, I am not going to post any heavy discussion regarding city at this particular post. Instead, about a sweet little cafe worth a stop along your journey between the train station and the city centre.

In the most west segment of Hùng Vương, the longest street connecting Ga Diêu Trì and tp. Quy Nhơn, LaRose Café calls for an attention; for its architecture and nice atmosphere, as well as the drinks offered. Located around three kilometres from the station, you can easily reach the place by a cab. I guess you want to chill a little bit from your overnight train-trip, squeezed in an old cabin.


The cafe was opened around the end of December 2014. It seems that Pham T.M. Thu, the owner, wants to create a space for drinking and gathering, besides to train her business skill and experience. Knowing Thu for three months, I see her passion to create, to produce. Trained as an interior designer, I found she has a good business instinct combined with hobbies. Perhaps, this will not be possible without the full support from her beloved mother.

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I can see very much the goal of creating space, as the café is well designed. It was her husband who helped manifest her idea. The architect has worked closely with a21 studio, one of leading architecture firms in Viet Nam. He optimises the space of the old house, in which Thu’s parents had lived for many years before they moved to the centre of QN. One smart decision was to create a façade wall to reduce direct sunlight coming into the café. It is a pity that I don’t have pictures during the day. But here are some pictures during my evening visit to the café. Please, excuse the bad quality of pictures made by my phone!

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