Quy Nhon has its best cappuccino! It is served by RETRO located at Tran Cao Van, one of the quite streets of Quy Nhon. I got to know the café just a day after the opening. Veda my colleague-friend dragged me there for a nice place to work on our project.

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On the 16th of November 2014, Nguyen Tan launched his first business venture. Used to work as a lawyer in Ho Chi Minh City for around four years, he found his passion in running a café. He himself often works preparing the drinks and serves the customer. During my flu days, I came and asked special orders: from hot green chai latte to a warm fusion drink with lemon, mint and a type of dry fruit that I have no idea what it is. Like in other places, RETRO provides free tea. And during cold days, they add a slice of ginger and bay leave.


I love to sit in RETRO during or after a lunch break. It is near our office in Le Hong Phong, making it easy to have a small gathering with colleagues. We can bring in our own food, from bánh mì to rice. Or birthday cake!

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